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Enhanced Franchise Development Program (EFDP)

In 2013, the services sector contributed 55.2% to GDP. To achieve the target of 60% by 2020, the Government will boost the services sector by implementing several initiatives such as Implementing the Services Sector Blueprint, Setting up a Services Sector Guarantee Scheme, Establishing a Research Incentive Scheme for Enterprises (RISE), Reintroducing the Services Export Fund (SEF) and Strengthening the Franchise Development Scheme.

EFDP Background

1. Build capabilities for developing franchise in international markets.
2. To assist local franchise brands to penetrate international markets
3. To enhance international expansion knowledge to export ready and potential export ready franchises.

Franchise Export Council (FRANEX)

FRANEX is a committee set up under the Enhanced Franchise Development Program (EFDP). FRANEX is co-chaired by MFA and the Director of Franchise Development Division, KPDNKK.

Strategies of EFDP

EPU, MDTCC and MFA had formulated a strategy to enhance the capabilities of Malaysian franchisor to actively penetrate International market.


During the 2015 Budget speech, the Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak,  announced a RM20 million budget allocation for Franchise Development Scheme or EFDP to be implemented by MDTCC and MFA. EFDP is an enhancement program for the existing Franchise Development Program (FDP). The prime focus of EFDP will be on to nurture and encourage more franchise exports to foreign countries.

Currently there 60 franchise brands penetrated to 55 countries with 2,380 outlets.

FRANEX Committee

FRANEX Committee

FRANEX is a committee set up under the Enhanced Franchise Development Program (EFDP). FRANEX is co-chaired by MFA and the Director of Franchise Development Division, KPDNKK

International Franchise Management (IFM) Certification Course

International Franchise Management (IFM) Certification Course

You have complete control over the look and feel of your online store and instant access to hundreds of the best looking themes the industry has to offer. Finally, a gorgeous store of your own that reflects the personality of your business.

Franchise News

Latest news on franchise report



FAST is a Franchisor's Accelerate and Strategic Trade Program. This category caters for the need of established franchisors with high exports capabilities.                                                                                                                            



FORWARD is a Franchisor Ongoing Rating With Assessment & Reimbursement Deployment Strategies. FORWARD focus on new and export ready franchisors wil the target to assist them to penetrate international markets.

EFDP Franchise

EFDP is the essential content management infrastructure for projects of any size, with its flexible APIs and global CDN.

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Market Intelligence Report

Market Intelligence Report is a compilation of research and country reports of international countries. We will upload up to 300 reports from 50-80 countries all around the world. Reports will cover from sub-sector suchs as Restaurants, Cafes, Learning Centres, Retails, fashion and others.

Please check this section from time-to-time.

Available to MFA Members only.

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Meet EFDP Secretariat


                                                                                Zuraida Jomri

EFDP Secretariat

Deputy General Manager Support

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